Some Tips On Using Slow Cooker

There are so many advantages if you decide to use a slow cooker. The tool is very easy to use and you just need to put your food and the entire ingredient and press the start button. There are not too many things to consider beside than the cooking time which is longer than using another tool. Patient is the key in order to use this machine. There are some other tips that you have to know beside than that thing. There is a huge difference between good slow cooker and best slow cooker and you really have to know about it.

You probably know that most people are using slow cooker for some reasons. First, we have to talk about the price which is pretty cheap to get. If you compare it with buying pellet BBQ grill, then you are going to see the price different on it. Second, it is easy to use. You do not need to be master or guru on using this tool. All of people could simply use it like they want. If you still stuck with your old ideas, then I have some good tips about it. Let’s find out.

Save Your Time And Get Patient

Always avoid cooking some foods which are taking lot of preparation. Cooking with slow cooker is taking so much time and that is why you do not need to spend your time on preparing all of the things. If you just going to make soup and then you just to throw the entire ingredient on it and it would solve of your problems. Last, you really need to have your patient because it would take a while once its ready. You could just do any other activities while waiting it.


If you want to cook some food in the morning, then you really have to prepare everything before you start cooking. It would save your lot of time and ready to do your activity. One recommendation from me, you could just prepare the meal the night before and you just have cook it little in the morning.

How Long Should I Cook It?

Everything would be depended on your food and the way you cook it. It could be only for around 15 minutes and could be more than 4 hours for some reasons. I am so surprise because cooking root vegetables is longer than what I do on meat. So, it could take longer if you decide to cook any root vegetable.

Keep The Temperature

Keep in mind that watching this thing is really important to get the best result for your meal and also kill all of the bacteria. The temperature for this case should be set on around 40 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not set it under the minimum or cook it on the high temperature greater than the maximum for such a long time. Slow cooker like its name is should be used on low temperature and that is why it’s taking time in order to get the meal ready. It is much different on using other tool where you could set it all you want.

There are some notes that you have to know for this case. First, never ever add any frozen ingredient to this tool. You should unfreeze it first before you are going to use it. Second, never cook any chicken in the whole and you need to cut it into half or in some pieces. This case to make sure that all of the chicken is cooked.

Choose Your Best Cooker

Well, I still have my old cooker which is already five years old and its still running so good. it is still an old cooker where I need turn off the machine manually and it does not have a timer. I decided to get the new one which is running really great since everything could be controlled digitally. If you still having your old cooker, then why not getting the new one since taking care everything is easier here. Here you are going to find feature such as timer. Using slow cooker is taking so much time and here you just have to set the timer and the device would automatically turn off. Now, you do not need to watch it all the time for this case.

Final Thought

Those all of information that I could share to you, having a slow cooker is really having so much benefit that make our cooking process much easier. You do not have to go with expensive product since you could go with this one. Just take your time on using it and you could consider of our tips. At last, thank you for seeing this article and just leave any comment or any suggestion if you want. We would be happy to reply it.

Could Samsung Tizen Competes With Apple And Samsung?

First, I am being pessimistic when Samsung announced that they are going to make their own OS and means they would slowly moving from Android.  As we already know Samsung becoming the number one choice on gadget because of the great help Android. They would never able to get huge success without of it and then now they decided to leave.   I guess they are pretty crazy, well they are actually would not leave Android 100% because they said that they only searching for another alternative for their line up product.  But I cannot trust 100% percent of their words because they slowly would leave the Android if Tizen is successful. Talking about the OS, Tizen is pretty much similar to Android or even Jolla. Both of them are open source and using the same based which is Linux as the main core. Samsung want to try what Google had done before with their own way. But until now we don’t see any big improvement on this OS rather than releasing a low end product with pretty much low specs.  I can say that Tizen will never take a lead even in the future. First, we already have Apple which is pretty strong with their premium product and their big name. The second, we already have Google which is popular with their online services that helps in growing Android Ecosystem. We also could not forget other big name such as Microsoft and Ubuntu that working on their own system. Both of them are also having their own big name on their community.

So, is there any place left for Samsung? The answer is no, not even a little because our market is already full. They might have their own consumer, but that is not enough to ask them to choose another system. Consumers now are pretty smart with choosing a smartphone not only based on the popularity, but also on the ecosystem. If they think the ecosystem is not really well, then they are going to choose another one. That is the rule of our market now. The most important thing that they have to do is preparing more apps and asking as many of developers to develop for their system. But it’s already too late now because the developer is not interested anymore with the development that feels really slow and Tizen would be dead in few years or even next year.

What could Small Brands Do On Smartphone?

one plus

For many years I have been so actively on using some smartphones from big brand names like Apple, Samsung, LG, or Sony. The reason is because the quality of products. The quality itself is not only about their hardware or software, but also their after sales. I guess this is important because we don’t really know what is going to do with our smartphone. It might be broken because the fault in manufacturing or the software can be corrupted because we do something wrong it. We can probably handle it, but sometimes we need to bring it to the service center where they could easily fix it since they are the one who made it. This is where the after sales become so important because we as a consumer need to make sure that everything is covered by the warranty and the company can handle it easily. In the past, they are after sales are might be not as good as now because some reasons. I really remember when my friend had some problems with his smartphone, he have to send it another city to be fixed. It’s pretty tough right? It’s not only wasting our time, but it takes ages for it to be fixed. This is the main reason why don’t want to stick with them.

But for couple these years it seems my opinion toward it becomes different because they improve it greatly in every sector including the after sales. Now I could see their service center almost in every city right now and the demand for the products are hugely raised because it’s cheap and the quality is not far from any big brand. It’s really interested to see some small brands such as One Plus and Xiaomi becoming so popular especially in developing country. This is because their products are cheap and the feature on the inside is similar to what you find on premium smartphone. Now I am using One Plus 3 and I am pretty love it since the performance is really good. The price is as half as Samsung’s premium smartphone and I can do the same thing here. There are few reasons why their smartphones are relatively cheap. The main reason is the advertising. They never use any TV marketing or even use any billboard to show their products, but they use many social media to show up their products. It’s great because it cuts off the advertising cost for it. Samsung has spent million dollars of their money only for marketing and that is why they have to add it to their products price.

Best Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker Buying Guide

Time is changing, same thing also happens to the habit of people when they choose the cooking utensils. Smoker is one of the devices which will be needed by the people who love to hold massive dinner party or any type of occasional events. There are gas, propane and electric types of smoker in the market. Long time ago, propane smoker are the well sold version. However, time has shown that electric smoker is replacing the position of propane smoker. It can be seen from the amount of electric product that is purchased from the store. Before ensuring to put this device to your kitchen, just ensure some reviews about the best smoke hollow electric smoker.

Electric Smoker Buying Guide

Reasons to Choose One of Best Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker

So, what is the reason to pick electric smoker than the other types? Well, this is a question which a little bit confusing. Actually every type of smoker has its own function as well as the advantages. However, electric version is chosen because it fits today’s life style mostly. If you are using propane or gas, you will surely need to replace all of these powers when you run it off. It is different with the electrical version that does not need to have its power source replaced. You just need to plug it in and out to the electrical source.

Based on the design and form, the electric smokers tend to be very versatile and easy to be used. Well, this is reasonable because it carry smaller part of burning area. The wood will be ignited and gain the smoke which functioned to gain the food taste through the smoke. The best smoke hollow electric smoker reviews about the electric one give the user rheostats and thermostats as the most powerful utilities that help the user in checking smoker’s condition. It is very comfortable to use electric version because you can adjust the heat only using the digital adjuster. It does not available in the other type of smoker.

With the freely adjustable heat, you can ensure the best heat or temperature for the smoked foods that you want to make. It means that you can smoke almost every food that you want. The presence of electric smoker also give you the chance to produce smoked foods without messy. It can even be placed to any spot in the home. All you need to do is just to place the smoker near the electrical plug.

Top Purchased Electric Smoker Reviews

When it comes to decide one of the smokers to choose, you need to decide it carefully. Basically, there are some considerations to make it, especially if you are the people who are firstly own the smoker. It can be started by checking all the features inside the Smoke Hollow 30162E. It is a product with a medium size and completed with the full black colors. With this design and construction, you can bring the smoker for indoor and even outdoor food smoking process.

To prove the quality of the product as one of the best smoke hollow electric smoker, the manufacturer put some features inside. First, you will notice the presence of painted steel wood chip box. The water pans are also capable to perform not sticky actions because it already coated with porcelain. With its medium size, you will have 2 different cooking grids and 3 different temperature settings. To ensure that the door of the smoker is always in position, you can maximize the function of its magnetic door latch inside. It can even keep the heat of the smoker to be always inside.

Smoke Hollow seems to be the most productive manufacturer especially in creating the electric smoker. It can be seen from the next version of smoker that is made by the company. It is the Smoke Hollow 26142E, the electric smoker which have 26 inch of size. Overall performance of this product is pretty impressive. The energy consumption is only 1500 watt and everything is adjustable. The temperature control can even be removed when you do not really need to check the temperature often. However, to ensure the exact temperature, you can let it attached to the smoker properly.

Inside the smoker, you will have some chrome plated cooking space which provides a very comfortable area for cooking. It can even be adjusted to reach the proper height as you need. Since it only contains two compartments, the best smoke hollow electric smoker with window is only intended for you who love to smoke food with medium amount. To protect the user, it is also completed with the side handles accessories. The new latch system is also added to make sure the comfort and avoid the heat loss which often happens for some electrical based smoker utility.

When some of the electrical smokers are coming with a full cover or blind door model, you can think about the smoker with window. This type of smoker is very beneficial. You can check the food condition through the clear window. Although the temperature can be the key of ensuring the food maturity, the visual appearance would be more enhancing. You can pick Smoke Hollow that brings 30 inches of window size. All the bodies are wrapped with black steel color that ensures the durable and tough look. The door and the designs are also made to be very sturdy, so it will give you the best durability as well.

There will be a 1500 heating element that very useful to be adjusted. As well as the other smoke hollow products, it also has removable temperature control inside. To bring the temperature constantly, the manufacturer put the double wall construction for this smoker. It is good for you who want to use the smoker for business need such as restaurant, fast food stand and so on. As the best smoke hollow electric smoker that ever exists, this device also offers good looking painted wood chip box and water pan which fully coated with porcelain elements.

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Best PC Gaming Headset for your PC in 2017

Headset is one of the important things if you are the gamers. This one will offer the satisfaction feeling when playing game. The real sensation is easy to get when you play the game with headset. If you are PC gamers, it will be important for you to choose the best pc gaming headset. This one will be useful for you because it can comfort you to play the game. Moreover, the specs and also the features of this one also will satisfy people very well. However, you should choose the suitable with your need because it has some products to find. The product, which has your criteria, will comfort you very well.

Some Great Headset for gaming

You will find some variation product for headset that will satisfy you in gaming. The different product usually offers the different quality. Because of that, you should choose the best one suitable with your need. To facilitate you in choosing, here are some products that can be your best preference in 2016. The product will have different in price that influences the qualities and specs. Choosing the best one will satisfy for playing some games in your PC without any trouble.

Best PC Gaming Headset for your PC in 2017

Logitech G430 Surround sound

This head set has great technology in the features and specs that can satisfy people in playing a game. It has customizable padded headset with immerse 360-degrees sound of serious gamers. In other words, this product will offer the new experience during playing game. The real feeling is available in this headset due to its sound effect quality. The impressive one that can be seen in this product is that it is full-blast audio. The complete sound experience with its Dolby technology will comfort people very well. The 7.1 surround sound headphone position will add the comfortable one during gaming. The noise-cancelling boom microphone is available in this product. It is design in lightweight, which can satisfy the gamers for long usage.

The material usage for this product is soft and durable cloth earpads that is comfortable at your ears. This product also will work well for windows 7, 8, and vista. Moreover, it also can be used for PS4 in stereo mode that offers the satisfaction one in gaming. The feature of this headset is also great. It is easy to use volume dial and mute switch are closed at hand. The most important is that it has extra-long cable. It will let you position audio controls right wherever you need them. A light, slim, and balance will offer a natural and stable for maximum gaming. The earcup swivel of this product is 90 degree, which easily adjusts for personalized fits at your ears.

Sennheiser PC 363D

This headset product has new performance standard in surround-sound gaming headset. Since it has new technology, you will have a great experience when you use this headset. The technology of this product is impressive. It combines the Sennheiser headphone 7.1 surround sound. This technology will take the game into other dimensions that are more impressive. The technology in the ear cup, which has Eargonomic Acoustic Refinement, will comfort you in usage. It will improve sonic detail, definition, and dynamic that can offer the new experience for user. The most important in this product is that it has headphone control and remarkable special in USB sound card. It will affect to let you in accurately pinpoint sound.

The PC uses open back with luxurious velour covered ear cushion. This technology will create an extremely comfortable fit for you who love to play game long in session. Moreover, some games also will incorporate player to player in the communication. In other words, people need microphone in their headset. In this product, it has great quality for microphone. Besides, this headset also will be supported with the braided cable, which had great feel. This cable also will be extremely durable to use in your PC. Because of that, this PC363D will be your best for gaming headset because it will improve your skill in gaming.

Sades 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound

Sades 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound

This headset product is good because this one is created special for gaming. It is designed to help the player hearing more subtle detail of gaming. In other words, this Sades SA710 is preferred headset among the pros. You will have many advantages when you use this product for gaming. The sleek design in this product will allow the gamers hearing every footstep of the opponent in the game. Therefore, it will help you for making a sense of hearing an invaluable ally. Your ability to play the game will increase when you use this headset very well.

Besides, other pros in this product are available including over the ear design. It will be cushioned with breathable fabric, highly adjustable, and surprisingly lightweight. With those features, you will have the comfortable one in this product to play game. Moreover, this headset product also has impressive features that can satisfy people. It has frequency range 20-20 Khz and sensitivity which is 116dBi. It will satisfy people very well. You will have superior performance during gaming. This product has used high technology and aesthetic design concept that can satisfy people very well.

Hyper X Cloud II

Moreover, you also will have the satisfaction headset in this product. It has satisfaction features that can satisfy people very well. This product has USB Audio Sound Card with 7.1 virtual surround that can offer the satisfaction one for people very well. Moreover, it also has 53mm Drivers .This magnet will comfort people in usage. Noise cancelling and echo sound card are available in this product that can improve the function of the product better.

Furthermore, the frequency response for this headset is 15-25 KHz, which is sensitive enough to use as your headset. The memory foam earpads and detachable microphone are available. Both features will offer the comfortable of the user when they use headset in gaming. You will be happy to use this product due to the quality of the specs and features of the product. The TeamSpeak Certified also will optimize your voice chat during gaming. It will be impressive to use for gaming.

Because of that, it will not difficult to find the best gaming headset under 100. You can choose one of those products as your choices. The products above are amazing to apply if you are the gamers because of the specs and features. The most important that can be found in those products are that those are produced special for gaming. Therefore, your ability will increase in the game because of this headset quality.

Knowing Types of Computer Monitors

The computer monitor is the hardware – besides the CPU and printer, and it is one of the most important components to support the running of your computer. In decades, there are some developments of the monitor, which bring you to have the more choices in finding the best monitor, as you want. The monitor has the different style, such as in shape and size. However, in this case, we will talk about some types of computer monitors based on its technology. There are three major kinds of the computer monitors, which you need to know. Check it out!

Knowing Types of Computer Monitors

CRT monitor

The CRT or cathode ray tube monitor is the first generation of computer monitor in decade. This type of monitor is also called as the tube monitor because of its shape, which is like a tube. In its first occurring, this monitor is used for the television. However, nowadays, this type of monitor is no longer used by the industry. Moreover, the manufacture stops the production of this computer because it is heavy and need more space in placing. However, when you want to get the cheaper monitor for the old sense, you can take it as the alternative.

LCD monitor

After the occurring of the CRT monitor, the manufactures make some developments of the monitor. They announce the LCD monitor as the one of the development. LCD or the liquid crystal display monitor is kind of the monitor with the better performance than the previous type. This monitor consists of color or monochrome pixel, which is arranged systematically to product the sharpen display. This monitor uses the TFT technology in its display to renew the look of the picture inside the display. In other hand, it also has the slimmer appearance than the CRT monitor.

LED monitor

The latest development of the monitor is the LED types. LED or the light emitting diodes is the newest type of the monitor, which will offer the best display to pleasant you when using it. This monitor uses the CCFL as the technology to provide the back lighting of the display. With the new technology inside the monitor, you will have the sharper image with the nice detail. In other hand, this monitor is also great to be used because it consumes the lower electricity for the energy. Now, you know some kinds of the monitor and you can decide what your favorite is!

How to Find the Best Budget Gaming Laptop Ever for You

Speaking about finding the best affordable gaming laptop, you must have known it is not as simple as finding the best standard laptop. Why, of course, it is because gaming laptop tends to be pretty expensive. That is why finding the best affordable kind is not as easy as you might think. In order to find such laptop, you have to be careful when narrowing down the available options. Nothing good comes from choosing one of them randomly. There are some things you need to pay attention to.

Best Budget Gaming Laptop Ever for You

Good Gaming Laptop Under 500

When it comes to budget gaming laptop, you will have to start by narrowing down the options based on the price you can afford to spend money for. How about going with the ones under 500? Well, to tell you the truth, such price is pretty much affordable even for standard laptop. So, getting good gaming laptop under 500 is something real hard. Even so, we are not saying that finding one would be impossible. There is always a way for you to get it.

Well, all you need to do is to be more thorough when learning about the worth of the features it can offer to us. Only then, you can be sure about its reliability while being priced affordably. Here are some gaming laptops under 500 that are good to consider.

  • HP 15-ay011nr 15.6-Inch Laptop
  • ASUS X555DA-WB11 15.6-Inch Laptop
  • Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E455 14-Inch Laptop
  • Dell Inspiron 15 5000 i5545-2500sLV 15.6-Inch Laptop
  • Acer Aspire E5-551-T5 SV 15.6-Inch Laptop

Good Gaming Laptop Under 1000

If you think that finding gaming laptop under 500 is too hard for you, you can go a little bit higher. So, why not looking for best gaming laptop under 1000 then? Even if it is twice higher than 500, it is still affordable price for gaming laptop. Not to mention, you can expect more things from it than in gaming laptop under 500. It is a safe option in affordable gaming laptops. Of course, it can be the best option only if you feel you can afford 1000 for it.

Well, it is not that 1000 is expensive or anything. It is not completely easy to find good gaming laptop under 1000, you see. It is because 1000 is not pricey for gaming laptop. Here, let us give some gaming laptops priced under 1000 you can be sure to consider too below.

  • ASUS ROG GL552 Laptop
  • Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Laptop
  • Acer Aspire v15 Nitro Black Edition Laptop
  • HP Pavilion 15 Gaming Laptop
  • Lenovo Y700 14-Inch Laptop

Consider the Main Key Points of Laptops

After you are done limiting the price you can afford to spend money for, you should put your concern next on the main key points of laptop. First, it is the processor, of course. It is the brain of computer and is the one responsible to handle game’s physics calculations. It also does the job to control non-playable characters in the games. You will have to make sure that it is powerful enough. The bare minimum choice would be Intel Core i5.

gaming laptop under 1000

You can go better with Dual Core i7. However, the most ideal option would be none other than Quad Core i7. Second, it is the graphics card. It does the job to process the data and transmit the signal to the monitor so that images can be delivered to the display. If you want to simply play mainstream games, you can choose either NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M. You can go with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M for more serious game.

Find Out the Sound System of the Audio

People have their own convenient way of playing games, indeed. Sometimes, they prefer playing while using headphone or headset for they think it feels more immersive that way. However, sometimes people prefer hearing the sound of the games from the speaker without using such hearing tools. When it comes to this, you will have to know that it is important to put your concern into the sound system of the audio. Isn’t that right?

Well, each brand has its own good sound system to offer for gaming. If it is MSI, you can go for sound system with Nahimic audio software. It offers the best surround sound both from speaker and from headphone or headset. If it is Alienware, you can go for one with Dell Audio software which is pretty close to MSI’s Nahimic audio software. If it is Lenovo, you can be sure to get Dolby Home Theater v4 which is considered to be one of the best ones.

Take Better Look at the Laptop’s Display

When it comes to gaming laptop, you will have to consider all sorts of things regarding its display. It is from where you would see the game after all. First of all, you have to concern yourself with the screen resolution. The bare minimum resolution that is really popular among gaming laptops would be one with 1920 x 1080 pixels. Meanwhile, the current best resolution for gaming laptops that is popular today would be one with 3840 x 2160 pixels.

Other than that, you can decide on some things based on your preference. It is about whether or not you want touchscreen. Then, it is about choosing either matte or glossy screens. Lastly, it is about choosing between G-sync and V-sync technologies. Each has their own pros and cons for playing games. However, they are all not bad choice to choose at all. That is why the choice depends on your preference of those things that you might see fit.

Put Your Concern on the Laptop’s Keyboard

Many games can only be played by using keyboard, you know. That is why you shouldn’t exclude this key point here. Would you feel comfortable if the keyboard is not as you wish it to be? If it is possible, be sure to take advantage of the chance to touch the keyboard before you really buy the laptop. Try to get the feeling of pressing the keys on the keyboard. Make sure that the keys are bouncy enough and not that close to each other.

What’s more? We would recommend you to go with the one with backlighting. It is all the better if it is even customizable. Well, yes, it is cool to play while your keyboard seems shining from below. However, it is not the only reason you should go for keyboard like this. Other reason is that it would be so much helpful to see the keys while playing in dimly lit place. Not to mention, playing in such condition will get you more immersive to the game.

There you go. Those all you need to know about finding the best budget gaming laptop available in the market. All you need to do is to start from narrowing down the options based on the price limit you can afford. Then, you can go down after that by considering the most important points and narrow the options down again with other points that would contribute nice things for playing games. This way, even if the laptop is affordable, you can be sure about its reliability for gaming.

Why I Choose Android than Iphone

The development of the technology brings smartphone as one of the important thing for the people’s daily need. Now, people use the smartphone as the media of their communication and others. As we know, in the market, there are many kinds of the smartphone with the different vendor. The two major vendors of the smartphone, which have the serious rival is android and iPhone. Now, in this occasion, I will tell you the reason why I choose android as my favorite smartphone than the iPhone. I hope it also can be your consideration before choosing your favorite smartphone.

Why I Choose Android than Iphone

Bigger storage with less money

As we know, storage is one of the most important things of the smartphone. Storage will be useful to save the kinds of our documents and others. Now, we will see the comparison between the storage of android and iPhone. For the iPhone, in its 6 and 6s series, you will need around $648 and $744 to get the 16GB in internal memory. We all know that for the usual use, 16GB is enough but unfortunately, it will be used for the program too. In other hand, when you choose android, you only need around $20 to get the 64GB storage by buying the SD card.

More personality

For some people, having the usual smartphone will make them bored. It is usual when people want to upgrade their smartphone and try to beautify it by using some widget, applications, and others. In this case, android is better than iPhone. Inside the android, you will find hundred themes, which will be useful to change the look of your display. In other hand, you also can use the launcher to renew the display of the menu. Moreover, many widgets are available in the default menu. When it is not enough for you, you can root your phone and re-setting the system UI.

Many free applications

I realize that smartphones will work with the kinds of the application. In this matter, android is also better than the iPhone. Maybe, iPhone get the first app but it has the limited kind of the app. When we compare with android, there is a new application occur in the Play store every day. You will be easy to find the kinds of the application, as you want. In other hand, the kinds of the application of android are free. You will get new inspiration with your android!

In some cases, android can beat the iPhone as the one of the great choices of smartphone. See the details of it and suggest which one the best is.