Knowing Types of Computer Monitors

The computer monitor is the hardware – besides the CPU and printer, and it is one of the most important components to support the running of your computer. In decades, there are some developments of the monitor, which bring you to have the more choices in finding the best monitor, as you want. The monitor has the different style, such as in shape and size. However, in this case, we will talk about some types of computer monitors based on its technology. There are three major kinds of the computer monitors, which you need to know. Check it out!

Knowing Types of Computer Monitors

CRT monitor

The CRT or cathode ray tube monitor is the first generation of computer monitor in decade. This type of monitor is also called as the tube monitor because of its shape, which is like a tube. In its first occurring, this monitor is used for the television. However, nowadays, this type of monitor is no longer used by the industry. Moreover, the manufacture stops the production of this computer because it is heavy and need more space in placing. However, when you want to get the cheaper monitor for the old sense, you can take it as the alternative.

LCD monitor

After the occurring of the CRT monitor, the manufactures make some developments of the monitor. They announce the LCD monitor as the one of the development. LCD or the liquid crystal display monitor is kind of the monitor with the better performance than the previous type. This monitor consists of color or monochrome pixel, which is arranged systematically to product the sharpen display. This monitor uses the TFT technology in its display to renew the look of the picture inside the display. In other hand, it also has the slimmer appearance than the CRT monitor.

LED monitor

The latest development of the monitor is the LED types. LED or the light emitting diodes is the newest type of the monitor, which will offer the best display to pleasant you when using it. This monitor uses the CCFL as the technology to provide the back lighting of the display. With the new technology inside the monitor, you will have the sharper image with the nice detail. In other hand, this monitor is also great to be used because it consumes the lower electricity for the energy. Now, you know some kinds of the monitor and you can decide what your favorite is!

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