Why I Choose Android than Iphone

The development of the technology brings smartphone as one of the important thing for the people’s daily need. Now, people use the smartphone as the media of their communication and others. As we know, in the market, there are many kinds of the smartphone with the different vendor. The two major vendors of the smartphone, which have the serious rival is android and iPhone. Now, in this occasion, I will tell you the reason why I choose android as my favorite smartphone than the iPhone. I hope it also can be your consideration before choosing your favorite smartphone.

Why I Choose Android than Iphone

Bigger storage with less money

As we know, storage is one of the most important things of the smartphone. Storage will be useful to save the kinds of our documents and others. Now, we will see the comparison between the storage of android and iPhone. For the iPhone, in its 6 and 6s series, you will need around $648 and $744 to get the 16GB in internal memory. We all know that for the usual use, 16GB is enough but unfortunately, it will be used for the program too. In other hand, when you choose android, you only need around $20 to get the 64GB storage by buying the SD card.

More personality

For some people, having the usual smartphone will make them bored. It is usual when people want to upgrade their smartphone and try to beautify it by using some widget, applications, and others. In this case, android is better than iPhone. Inside the android, you will find hundred themes, which will be useful to change the look of your display. In other hand, you also can use the launcher to renew the display of the menu. Moreover, many widgets are available in the default menu. When it is not enough for you, you can root your phone and re-setting the system UI.

Many free applications

I realize that smartphones will work with the kinds of the application. In this matter, android is also better than the iPhone. Maybe, iPhone get the first app but it has the limited kind of the app. When we compare with android, there is a new application occur in the Play store every day. You will be easy to find the kinds of the application, as you want. In other hand, the kinds of the application of android are free. You will get new inspiration with your android!

In some cases, android can beat the iPhone as the one of the great choices of smartphone. See the details of it and suggest which one the best is.

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