Could Samsung Tizen Competes With Apple And Samsung?

First, I am being pessimistic when Samsung announced that they are going to make their own OS and means they would slowly moving from Android.  As we already know Samsung becoming the number one choice on gadget because of the great help Android. They would never able to get huge success without of it and then now they decided to leave.   I guess they are pretty crazy, well they are actually would not leave Android 100% because they said that they only searching for another alternative for their line up product.  But I cannot trust 100% percent of their words because they slowly would leave the Android if Tizen is successful. Talking about the OS, Tizen is pretty much similar to Android or even Jolla. Both of them are open source and using the same based which is Linux as the main core. Samsung want to try what Google had done before with their own way. But until now we don’t see any big improvement on this OS rather than releasing a low end product with pretty much low specs.  I can say that Tizen will never take a lead even in the future. First, we already have Apple which is pretty strong with their premium product and their big name. The second, we already have Google which is popular with their online services that helps in growing Android Ecosystem. We also could not forget other big name such as Microsoft and Ubuntu that working on their own system. Both of them are also having their own big name on their community.

So, is there any place left for Samsung? The answer is no, not even a little because our market is already full. They might have their own consumer, but that is not enough to ask them to choose another system. Consumers now are pretty smart with choosing a smartphone not only based on the popularity, but also on the ecosystem. If they think the ecosystem is not really well, then they are going to choose another one. That is the rule of our market now. The most important thing that they have to do is preparing more apps and asking as many of developers to develop for their system. But it’s already too late now because the developer is not interested anymore with the development that feels really slow and Tizen would be dead in few years or even next year.

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