About Alphonse Avitabile (Connecticut)

Emeritus Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Connecticut- Co-Author with Diana Sammataro of The Beekeepers Handbook (now in its 4th edition, Cornell University Press) The book is in the English, Spanish, Russian and Turkish languages. During leaves from The University of Connecticut I spent part of 2 years at the Dyce Laboratory for Honey Bee Studies working on bee research with Roger Morse and part of 2 other years at The Canadian Central Farm in Ottawa working with Doctor Rolf Boch, the person who identified the alarm and Nasnoff glands pheromones. My research work includes a 3 year winter study, looking at colonies (18) each of the first 2 years and 36 the last year of the study to see activities of bees and the queen from the 3rd week of November through the 2nd week of March, A survey of Cavities in trees Inhabited by Bees, the Number of Drones in Honey Bee swarms, Requeening Bee Colonies without Dequeening, Reactions of Caged queens in observation hives when released in the presences of Open Queen Cells, as well as popular articles in both the American Bee Journal and Bee Culture. I also give an annual Short Course on beekeeping and mentor and assist beginners. Oh another major paper proved bees in a flying Swarm recognize or are aware of the Queen’s Presences by her Pheromones.

Specializes in:

  • Keeping bees
  • Queen pheromones
  • Activities of Bees during late fall and winter months, etc

Fees and Requirements

Millage fee, motel fee if overnight stay is required, 200.00 speaker fee, basically I am happy to speak and enjoy it.