About Dr. Lawrence Connor (Michigan)

Covering all topics regarding honey bees and beekeeping, including queen rearing, pollination, honey production and produce development. Experienced in teacher training for those who teach beekeeping to others.

Graduate of Michigan State University in Entomology (BS, MS and Ph.D). Extension entomologist at The Ohio State University. President of Genetic Systems, Inc., in Labelle, FL, a bee breeding firm. Owner and operator of Beekeeping Education Service and Wicwas Press. Publisher of over 15 books on beekeeping. Author of Increase Essentials, Queen Rearing Essentials, and Bee Sex Essentials. Editor of Dewey Caron’s Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping.

Monthly contributor to Bee Culture Magazine and and the American Bee Journal (as the Traveling Beekeeper).

Specializes in:

  • Keeping bees
  • Colony seasonal management
  • Honey production
  • Value added bee keeping
  • Crop pollination
  • Queen rearing production

Fees and Requirements

Fees depend upon distance and difficulty of travel and the extent of the program. Please ask for a quotation.All travel expenses must be covered and will be detailed in advance for your program.

If you are flexible in your planning, I am often able to reduce costs by linking your meeting with another in a nearby location. Queen Rearing Workshops (2.5 days) are $300 per student with a minimum of 18 students. Microscope Bee Anatomy Workshops (2 hrs) are $60 per person with a minimum of 10 students, plus travel costs.

Programs book 6 to 15 months in advance, but last minute books may be possible–if the calendar cooperates.