Some Tips On Using Slow Cooker

There are so many advantages if you decide to use a slow cooker. The tool is very easy to use and you just need to put your food and the entire ingredient and press the start button. There are not too many things to consider beside than the cooking time which is longer than using another tool. Patient is the key in order to use this machine. There are some other tips that you have to know beside than that thing. There is a huge difference between good slow cooker and best slow cooker and you really have to know about it.

You probably know that most people are using slow cooker for some reasons. First, we have to talk about the price which is pretty cheap to get. If you compare it with buying pellet BBQ grill, then you are going to see the price different on it. Second, it is easy to use. You do not need to be master or guru on using this tool. All of people could simply use it like they want. If you still stuck with your old ideas, then I have some good tips about it. Let’s find out.

Save Your Time And Get Patient

Always avoid cooking some foods which are taking lot of preparation. Cooking with slow cooker is taking so much time and that is why you do not need to spend your time on preparing all of the things. If you just going to make soup and then you just to throw the entire ingredient on it and it would solve of your problems. Last, you really need to have your patient because it would take a while once its ready. You could just do any other activities while waiting it.


If you want to cook some food in the morning, then you really have to prepare everything before you start cooking. It would save your lot of time and ready to do your activity. One recommendation from me, you could just prepare the meal the night before and you just have cook it little in the morning.

How Long Should I Cook It?

Everything would be depended on your food and the way you cook it. It could be only for around 15 minutes and could be more than 4 hours for some reasons. I am so surprise because cooking root vegetables is longer than what I do on meat. So, it could take longer if you decide to cook any root vegetable.

Keep The Temperature

Keep in mind that watching this thing is really important to get the best result for your meal and also kill all of the bacteria. The temperature for this case should be set on around 40 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not set it under the minimum or cook it on the high temperature greater than the maximum for such a long time. Slow cooker like its name is should be used on low temperature and that is why it’s taking time in order to get the meal ready. It is much different on using other tool where you could set it all you want.

There are some notes that you have to know for this case. First, never ever add any frozen ingredient to this tool. You should unfreeze it first before you are going to use it. Second, never cook any chicken in the whole and you need to cut it into half or in some pieces. This case to make sure that all of the chicken is cooked.

Choose Your Best Cooker

Well, I still have my old cooker which is already five years old and its still running so good. it is still an old cooker where I need turn off the machine manually and it does not have a timer. I decided to get the new one which is running really great since everything could be controlled digitally. If you still having your old cooker, then why not getting the new one since taking care everything is easier here. Here you are going to find feature such as timer. Using slow cooker is taking so much time and here you just have to set the timer and the device would automatically turn off. Now, you do not need to watch it all the time for this case.

Final Thought

Those all of information that I could share to you, having a slow cooker is really having so much benefit that make our cooking process much easier. You do not have to go with expensive product since you could go with this one. Just take your time on using it and you could consider of our tips. At last, thank you for seeing this article and just leave any comment or any suggestion if you want. We would be happy to reply it.