What could Small Brands Do On Smartphone?

one plus

For many years I have been so actively on using some smartphones from big brand names like Apple, Samsung, LG, or Sony. The reason is because the quality of products. The quality itself is not only about their hardware or software, but also their after sales. I guess this is important because we don’t really know what is going to do with our smartphone. It might be broken because the fault in manufacturing or the software can be corrupted because we do something wrong it. We can probably handle it, but sometimes we need to bring it to the service center where they could easily fix it since they are the one who made it. This is where the after sales become so important because we as a consumer need to make sure that everything is covered by the warranty and the company can handle it easily. In the past, they are after sales are might be not as good as now because some reasons. I really remember when my friend had some problems with his smartphone, he have to send it another city to be fixed. It’s pretty tough right? It’s not only wasting our time, but it takes ages for it to be fixed. This is the main reason why don’t want to stick with them.

But for couple these years it seems my opinion toward it becomes different because they improve it greatly in every sector including the after sales. Now I could see their service center almost in every city right now and the demand for the products are hugely raised because it’s cheap and the quality is not far from any big brand. It’s really interested to see some small brands such as One Plus and Xiaomi becoming so popular especially in developing country. This is because their products are cheap and the feature on the inside is similar to what you find on premium smartphone. Now I am using One Plus 3 and I am pretty love it since the performance is really good. The price is as half as Samsung’s premium smartphone and I can do the same thing here. There are few reasons why their smartphones are relatively cheap. The main reason is the advertising. They never use any TV marketing or even use any billboard to show their products, but they use many social media to show up their products. It’s great because it cuts off the advertising cost for it. Samsung has spent million dollars of their money only for marketing and that is why they have to add it to their products price.